Q What is Arkwest TV
A Arkwest TV is a digital television service that is provided by Arkwest Communications. The system incorporates the latest technology called Internet Protocol TV (ipTV).

The service includes Video on Demand, Caller ID on the television screen, local programming and information on Channel 3, exclusive local weather on Channel 30, and many other amenities that add value to your service.

Arkwest TV also allows you to “bundle” services and receive one bill for your telephone, DSL internet and television; the more services you add the more you save!

Q What is IPTV?
A Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) is the cutting-edge of broadcasting technology, sending video signals to your television over your existing telephone line. It is a 100% pure digital solution, with true video-on-demand.

Q What is Web Portal?
A Web portal is a free service provided to our customers. It allows customers to use features such as click-to-call, call logging, unified address book, and conference calling from the website. (Service must be activated call 495-4260)

Q How to setup Web Portal?
A Web portal Service needs silverlight plugin to work. If this is not installed follow on screen instructions to install. After that you should receive a login screen that asks for a username and password. Please call 495-4260 to get your username and password.

Q Does the Arkwest TV system use High Definition (HD) TV?
A Yes, HD content is available.

Q What equipment will I need at my home in order to receive Arkwest TV?
A Arkwest will furnish all necessary equipment to enable TV in your home. This includes a DSL Router that separates the incoming signal into separate lines for use by your TV, telephone, or computer; and a set- top box for each TV set.

Q Will the features on my TV set, VCR, and DVD still work with Arkwest TV?
A While the set-top box allows you to interact with the Arkwest TV system, it may not be fully compatible with all consumer electronic devices such as television sets, videocassette recorders, DVD players, stereo systems, home theatre systems, etc.

You may not be able to use special features and functions of your consumer devices, including features that allow you to: view a program on one channel while simultaneously recording a program on another channel; and, use advanced picture generation and display features such as PIP (Picture-in-Picture), channel review and other functions that necessitate channel selection by the consumer device.

If you are unsure about any of these functions call our customer care center for assistance.

Q What does the equipment cost?
A All basic equipment for up to six (6) television sets is included in the monthly fee for service.

Q What is Mobile TV?
A Mobile TV allows customers to login and watch their channel lineup anywhere they have internet access.

Q What if I have more than six (6) TV sets?
A There is a small monthly fee for each set-top box over the six (6) boxes included with our service, plus an installation charge determined by the individual installation requirements.

Q Why Do I Need A Set Top Box?
A Because Arkwest TV is an all digital service, it is necessary for each television to have a set top box to receive the digital signal. This is the same for any other television provider who offers digital service.

Q Can I connect more than one TV Set to a Set Top Box?
A It is possible to connect 2 televisions to the same set top box, but it will require you to watch the same channel on each TV.

Q Must I run new wire to receive the service?
A In some cases, new wiring will have to be run when a phone jack is not near your TV. In other cases the system will use existing wiring.

Don’t worry. All you have to do is sign up and we’ll handle the installation for you.

Q Can I get local channels?
A Yes. Local Channels are included in every Arkwest TV package at no additional cost. You will also receive exclusive local programming on Arkwest Channels 3 and 30. These channels provide 24-hour community information and local weather that is not available on any other TV service.

Q Are Digital Video Recorders (DVR’s) available?
A Yes. A DVR is available and included in the monthly service fee for our premium package. Additional DVRs may be leased for a small monthly fee.

Q Will TiVo work with Arkwest TV?
A Yes.

Q What does Arkwest TV cost?
A Our prices are very competitive when compared to existing cable or satellite providers. Bundled rates allow customers to save when subscribing to any of our packages. Click here for our monthly rates.

Q What is Triple-play?
A Triple-play means Voice (telephone), Video and Data (internet) services. By offering “packages” or “bundles” of service we can include price discounts when compared to subscribing to the services separately.

Q How many channels do you offer?
A Over 300 channels are available, including 46 CD Quality Music Channels. We also offer 84 HD channels.

Q What do I get if I subscribe to a premium channel?
A Customers receive all channels listed in any Premium Channel Package for one low price. As an example, subscribing to the HBO Package for $12.95 monthly allows customers to receive all nine (9) HBO channels.

Q I would like to have a movie channel but don’t want the adult oriented programming that comes with it.
A Most of our movie packages have at least one of the channels in that package that show family oriented movies. Any of the channels can be blocked using the parental control feature of our system.

Q How do I know if a program contains adult material?
A Our on-screen program guide shows basic information about each program, including standard Film or Television industry rating symbols. The rating symbols also show on screen when changing channels. More information on the TV Rating System can be found at www.tvguidelines.org or other internet sites.

Arkwest strongly urges customers to exercise caution and monitor all TV viewing by children.

E-mail: arkwestinfo@arkwest.com