FTTH (Fiber To The Home)Service

FTTH Service utilizes fiber optic cable to provide much greater bandwidth for existing and future services. FTTH coverage area growing daily.

10m/1m Residential   $39.95/month
20m/2m   $54.95/month







These prices require telephone service.





10m/1m Business   $44.95/month
20m/2m   $74.95/month
30m/3m   $84.95/month








Installation Charges & Additional Service

FTTH installation fee is $25. The fee is waived for customers agreeing to a 6 month commitment for internet Service. New Internet accounts will also be charged a one-time $25 activation fee.

Additional service speeds are available, along with static IP Addresses. Contact our office or complete the online form to request complete information.

Note: Actual internet speeds achieved by your service will vary and may be lower than those shown. Conditions affecting your achieved speed include computer and other equipment limitations, internet or network congestion, and the speed of the websites you connect to on the internet. Charges shown are for speeds up to the rates listed.


Arkwest Network Transparency Statement