Arkwest TV

Our system utilizes cutting-edge broadcasting technology, sending video signals to your television over your existing telephone line or Fiber Optic Cable. It is a 100% pure digital service. Our service is available in Danville, Belleville, Havana, Ola and Plainview. It is also available in an area along Hwy. 27, north of Danville and Hwy. 10, east of Danviile.

We offer a multitude of traditional broadcast and satellite channels, CD quality music, premium movie channels,Video On Demand, and Pay Per View special events. Add our high speed internet and long distance service at a cost savings price. Caller ID on your TV screen for convenient call recognition and screening. Local Weather and Community Information.


Package & Pricing TV

Triple Play Basic

Basic TV
Call Waiting and Caller ID
FTTH Internet 30M/3M
75 Minutes Long Distance + $.10 after



Ala Carte Rates

TV Service (without Internet)
Lifeline $34.95
Basic $74.95
Expanded Basic $84.95
TV Service (w/Existing Internet)

Lifeline $14.95
Basic $49.95
Expanded Basic $59.95


Triple Play Plus

Expanded Basic TV
Call Waiting, Caller ID, Voice Mail
FTTH Internet 30M/3M
150 Minutes Long Distance + $.09 after



HD Service
(add flat rate and set top box rental)
HD Content (flat rate) $7.99
HD Set Top Box Rental @ $2.50
HD DVR Set Top Box Rental @ $4.95
(Expanded basic service required)
(SD premium service required for premium HD)


NFL RED ZONE Season Rate $50.00





Triple Play Premium

Expanded Basic TV
2 Premium Movie Packages
All Custom Calling Features
FTTH Internet 30M/3M
200 Minutes Long Distance + $.08 after


FTTH Service Add-On

30 to 50meg $22.90

30 to 100meg $32.90


Triple Play Premier

Expanded Basic TV
All Premium Movie Packages
Free Digital Video Recorder Rental
All Custom Calling Features
FTTH Internet 30M/3M
200 Minutes Long Distance + $.08 after





Miscellaneous Charges
1 Movie Package $12.95
2 Movie Packages $22.95
3 Movie Packages $32.95
4 Movie Packages $42.95
Digital Video Recorder Rental $4.95
Standard Set Top Box Rental (after 6 sets) @ $10.00
Video On Demand / Pay Per View – prices vary with event

Triple Play?

Triple Play is a term which refers to “Voice, Video and Data.”
By subscribing to Voice (basic telephone and long distance),
Video (TV) , and Data (Internet), customers can save up to
25% over individual service prices.

Bundled Service Rates
(residential customers only)

All Bundled Plans include 46 Digital Music Channels,
Local Telephone Service and Long Distance Access.
Arkwest LD Service required for Long Distance discounts.

To receive the Arkwest TV service, it is necessary to have a set-top-box, or decoder device for each television set on which you want to view the Arkwest TV service. The set-top-box receives and decodes the digital feed of all channels offered, displaying only those channels and features included in your purchased package. Arkwest TV service requires basic telephone service from Arkwest Communications.All rates shown in this listing are intended for Arkwest customers using retail services provided by Arkwest only, and are not for resale by any person or entity other than Arkwest in any form.   Arkwest does not guarantee these prices for any particular time frame, and reserves the right to change this pricing for any reason it deems necessary at any time without notice.