Phone Service

Basic Local Service

Arkwest offers everyday low rates for basic local service

$18.00 / month Residential
$20.56 / month Business

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Local service can usually be turned on within 1 to 2 days of ordering, if facilities (telephone cables) and no construction is required.

local service rates Exclude taxes and surcharges

Add nation-wide long distance for as low as 14 ¢ / minute.

Long Distance

1+ Long Distance

Traditional direct dialed long distance anytime, day or night.

14 ¢/minute (within 48 contiguous states)
30 ¢/minute (Alaska and Hawaii)

800 Service

Your own personal 800 number for just $8 a month plus calls.

15 ¢/minute (within 48 contiguous states)
43 ¢/minute (Alaska)
30 ¢/minute (Hawaii)
30 ¢/call surcharge for calls originating from a payphone.

Calling Cards

Take your home phone with you wherever you go with a secure calling card from Arkwest.

25 ¢/minute (within 48 contiguous states)
45 ¢/minute (for calls from or to Alaska & Hawaii)
30 ¢/call surcharge
Security features for lost or stolen cards



All rates shown in this listing are intended for Arkwest customers using retail services provided by Arkwest only, and are not for resale by any person or entity other than Arkwest in any form.   Arkwest does not guarantee these prices for any particular time frame, and reserves the right to change this pricing for any reason it deems necessary at any time without notice.