Phone Service

Basic Local Service

Arkwest offers everyday low rates for basic local service

$18.00 / month Residential
$20.56 / month Business

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Local service can usually be turned on within 1 to 2 days of ordering, if facilities (telephone cables) and no construction is required.

local service rates Exclude taxes and surcharges

Add nation-wide long distance for as low as 14 ¢ / minute.

Long Distance

1+ Long Distance

Traditional direct dialed long distance anytime, day or night.

14 ¢/minute (within 48 contiguous states)
30 ¢/minute (Alaska and Hawaii)

800 Service

Your own personal 800 number for just $8 a month plus calls.

15 ¢/minute (within 48 contiguous states)
43 ¢/minute (Alaska)
30 ¢/minute (Hawaii)
30 ¢/call surcharge for calls originating from a payphone.

Calling Cards

Take your home phone with you wherever you go with a secure calling card from Arkwest.

25 ¢/minute (within 48 contiguous states)
45 ¢/minute (for calls from or to Alaska & Hawaii)
30 ¢/call surcharge
Security features for lost or stolen cards