What We Offer

Arkwest’s fiber optic network allows us to provide you unlimited upstream and downstream broadband speeds that give you unparalleled access to browsing, gaming, or streaming your favorite series, movies and programs including local news. You can watch, listen to or read your favorites. Stay connected to your social media. Businesses use us to keep them connected to their vital data. Yes, you can still get traditional telephone service through us. Some tried and true methods are hard to beat. We pretty much have it all. Let us show you. If you don’t see it, ask us.

Who We Are

Arkwest has been a leader in our community since 1939. As Yell County Telephone being one of first to move away from party lines to single line access. To over building our whole network with fiber optic cable to make one the most advanced networks in the region. Recently adding a 360KW solar system to produce clean energy. We are constanly investing to make our sevices the very best availiable.

Our Mission is simple. Treat our customers as family. Give you the best possible service for the best possible price.

Meet Our Team

Neil Taylor Tech
Donald Walker Tech
Steve Miller Tech
Brad Jackson Tech
Matt Green Tech
Codie Sherrill Tech
Greg Bottoms Tech
Rick James Tech