When you sign up for long distance services from Arkwest, you can create the communications package to best fit your needs. Unless noted, packages require a one-time setup charge of $8 for residential customers and $12 for businesses.

Except for the Intra-Company Optional Calling Plan, these plans are available within the Arkwest calling zone.

"1" + Saver 600 Minute Plan

Perfect for frequent dialers. This plan gives you 600 minutes a month within your local toll area with additional minutes for only 10¢ per minute.


Circle Saver Plan

Available to both residential and business customers, get your first 60 minutes of calls for a low monthly rate and all additional minutes at a reduced rate of 10¢ per minute.


41-mile circle may not cross the boundaries of your local toll area.

Designated Number Plan

For when you call one number... a lot. This plan gives you 200 minutes for a designated phone number within your local toll area. Any additional minutes are just 10¢ per minute.


Extended Community Saver

Push your limits with our Extended Community Saver, available with either 60 or 300 base minutes with additional minutes at 65¢/minute. You choose one extended community, we do the rest.

60 minutes
Residence $3.60/month
Business $4.60/month

300 minutes
Residence $18.00/month
Business $20.00/month

Here's how you choose:

From You may choose
Casa Russellville or Morrilton
Plainview Dardanelle or Russellville
Bluffton Dardanelle or Russellville
Havana Russellville or Booneville
Ola Russellville or Dardanelle
Belleville Dardanelle or Russellville
Danville Dardanelle or Russellville

Intra-Company Optional Calling Plan

Providing you with 7-digit dialing for all calls within the Arkwest Communications telephone service area. It’s simple—exactly the way you want it to be.

Residence $1.90/month
Business $2.90/month
Centrex $1.90/month

All charges are per line.
Centrex requires a 10-line minimum and a one-time service charge of $2.

Rural Saver Plan

Available only to our residential customers, this plan gives you 240 minutes of call time within your 41-mile circle. And, there's no setup charge when you sign up.

Residence $1.49/month

If you are an Arkwest long distance telephone customer, whether you choose optional calling plans or not, you can add additional custom calling features to your long distance service.

Click here for custom calling options

E-mail: arkwestsales@arkwest.com